Fire Emblem:Heroes Nintendo’s next Mobile Game


Buckle Up Fanboyzz!!? Get your shield on, prepare for some epic battle. Take good care of your mobile devices and make sure it is 100% charged. Wondering why! Because Nintendo is going to release one of their coolest RPG franchises Fire Emblem on Feb 2 ? titled “Fire Emblem: Heroes.” This time android users are also in the list. Not only in the list, there are going to get it at the same time. This will be Nintendo’s third publication on smartphone platform after huge success with Miitomo and Super Mario Run.

You are going to see a new battle between two empires with the usual graphic. You will also see many new characters along with your favourite old ones. You are probably thinking about your fighting strategy. I would suggest having some patience. Wait for a while, 2 Feb is not that far!! Plus, you have no idea about the new characters as well as with other recent introductions. What If you find a new hero in your lineup or on your opponents team to destroy you!

Twitter Photo of Nintendo America

To design battlefield for Fire Emblem: Heroes, Nintendo probably used experiences earned from Super Mario Run. Every clash will take place on a 8 x 6 grid map. Perhaps you have to touch the screen and drag across the grid to move your character. And you might have to placed on or in an adjacent block to attack the opponent. A player who killed all of the enemies on a particular war field declared winner. Besides, there are various types of Landscape like Blocky Ground or Lava land, etc. Like Fire Emblem’s earlier titles, Nintendo has done every possible combination to give its fanboys same levels of excitement while fighting a battle.

For Weapon, Nintendo has adopted old Triangle System. Each Hero will have particular attributes namely – red, green or blue. Old Fire Emblem fans already know that Red is stronger to Green, Green is more capable while facing Blue and Blue is mightier while fighting against Red. This system has been using since the arrival of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War for the SNES.

Nintendo will have a free to play approach in Fire Emblem: Heroes with some in-app purchase(IAP) options. But the scope of IAP yet to unknown. Maybe a player has to pay to enjoy some levels or to reveal the full game.

Though Fire Emblem is not the most popular game amid Nintendo franchises, Still it creating buzz among gamers around the world as it is coming both major mobile platforms. But it is going to be a new experience for Fire Emblem lovers as well as other RPG Gamers.

Twitter Photo of Nintendo Japan

To see archive video, you can visit Nintendo Japan’s website.