Do you love roller-coaster ride? What if the control of the ride is in your hand? If you wanna feel that moment, then I have a game for you. Just try out Nanovation Lab’s new game “Rolling Path” on App Store and check that I am right or wrong! Though Rolling Path is a very flat and minimalist game with simple ball character, u can enjoy it like a roller-coaster ride, trust me!

On the other hand, I will suggest you another game named “Fast Track” which is brought by Umbrella Games where you have to guide an arrow! You may think why I am talking about two games in a single article. It’s just because I found both the game a little bit similar but of course with particular features.

Rolling Path by Nanovation Lab and Fast Track by Umbrella games, both released in the same week. As they have some similarities, it’s obvious that you won’t like to play both of them. I mean, because of human natures, of course, we will start comparing them and like one of them more than the other. But, it’s really difficult to choose one game where another one is not that bad.

Here, I’m going to share my personal opinion with you guys. I like both the game so much. But, if I want to compare, then I will choose Fast Track. There is no harshness for Rolling Path, but I have some reasons to select Fast Track as my first choice.

The 1st reason is I love fast-paced games. So, if you compare, you will find that Fast Track is more speedy than Rolling path. The 2nd reason is I love challenging games. Though both the game is truly challenging, if you notice, you will see that Fast Track has a little bit more challenges than the other one. In Rolling path, you have to roll on a platform that has no railing. Your one imbalance will make you fall into the unknown horizon from the platform. On the other hand, in Fast Track, there are many obstacles, some of them are moving. You have to cross a particular distance avoiding all those barriers. This is really crazy to run with a super speed while avoiding too many obstacles.

Here, another thing to add that in Rolling path, the wideness of the platform is regularly changing. But, as it is an Endless Auto-runner, it becomes little boring afters after some times. As opposed to, Fast Track is a level-based game, and there are 30 different levels in this game. Each level comes with new obstacles which are more exciting than an Endless game. So, gamers like me who love level-based games will like Fast Track more than Rolling path. Fast Track has some interesting Power-Ups which are absent in Rolling Path, but I think Power-Ups system is more attractive for players.

Now, lets come to the point of graphics. If we compare this two games in this section, apparently Fast Track will win! Though both games are visually 3D and colourful, Fast Track is more gorgeous. I think Fast Track has an excellent game feel and good animations too which make the game finely tuned.

Both of the game is fun, I must say. The speedy journey, the shaky platforms, interesting characters, all are fantastic. I liked Rolling Path a lot when I played it for the first time. But, after playing Fast Track, my choice changed! I want to suggest you play both of the game once. But if you want to go through my choice, then Fast Track’s download link is just below. Or, if you think you are opposite than me as a gamer, then Rolling Path’s download link is also here. Happy gaming. 🙂

Download Fast Track:

Download Rolling Path: