Today, I want to share a game with you guys which I totally disliked when I tried it first! I am feeling sad that I ignored such an awesome game like this! I am talking about one of the featured game “Expansion“. Developer Playmotive created this amazing game for the casual game lovers which is absolutely free on both App Store and Google Play.

 “Expansion” is a simple space physics game. In this game, your goal is to guide your Comets and help them to reach safely in a Green Giant. You have to create gravity by holding your finger on the screen and swipe fingers to create safe paths for the Comets! Just concentrate on two things – don’t hit any Red Giant and don’t lose the Green Giant. Because while any of your Comet is moving outside, the green giant is continuously becoming small. You can use a trick here! Once any of your Comet reach the Green Giant, you can kill others if the green Giant is about to lose! You need at least one Comet to keep the big one alive!

Graphically, the game is very minimalist with 2D visuality. The sound track is also suitable. This game is very simple but too much addictive. May be you won’t like it at the beginning, but you can’t stop playing once you get the pattern! I didn’t like it before because I was not able to collect 2 or 3 points. But, now I just scored 77! Just took a short break for this review to share this game with you. And, now I am going to dive in the game again.

I am suggesting you play this game with some concentration. Surely, you will enjoy it if you love space physics games. For your quick start, just hit your Store Icon below, you will get your free to play copy. Hope you will enjoy this lovely game. Happy gaming!