Puzzle lovers always love to try different types of puzzle games. And when they find a puzzle game with a simple concept but addictive gameplay, then there are no bounds of joy, right?

Last week, developer FredBear Games came with a puzzle game named Evergrow: Paper Forest. It’s an origami style puzzle game where lots of imagination needed to play the game! Sounds interesting, isn’t it?

The name describes the game perfectly. In this game, your mission is to explore a forest on paper! Wondering? It sounds like we can go back to our childhood with this game when we love to play with papers, colours and in our imagination, we created our own worlds. The game reminisces those moments by its visuals also.

Graphically, the game is stunning. It looks like you are making a forest by paper crafting! The gameplay is very simple but full of fun that every ages player will love to play it. In this game, you will be introduced with handcrafted forests where you have to solve 50 unique and challenging puzzles! You have to guide a rabbit who is sitting beside the forest to play this game!! There is a big slot that contains some tiles and obstacles. Guide her to fill all the tiles with grass while avoiding obstacles in her way. Don’t dare to misguide her!

Evergrow: Paper Forest will subtly tell you an emotional story by way of quotes and changing surroundings in the game. You have to discover their unfolding story. The game music is charming and suits the game theme perfectly. As it is a premium game, you can download it from App Store using only $2.99. But trust me, it’s worth buying it! Hit the Store Icon below and enjoy this amazing puzzler – Evergrow: Paper Forest.