Evergrow – such a catchy name, isn’t it? Last Thursday, a small App Developing Studio named Imagility S.L. released this exciting game. If you love to play a good looking, smart and stylish game, then this game is for you. Though its Genre is Arcade game, it’s not only a typical arcade game! Evergrow is made with a combination of many genres and came out with a fantastic gameplay.

Evergrow is an adventure game with a physics-based gameplay. In this game, you are controlling Chromaroid, a charming little cube which is travelling through nebulas. Your aim is to make the cube grow as big as possible as the tag line is “Survive and Expand as Big as You Can!” At the beginning, you are a little 1×1 cube. Here you can choose a colour for yourself, and you have to connect with same colour cubes to grow your block. You can expand it to a 9×9 and 16×16 as your level requirement.

Evergrow has 40 stages; each level has 3 challenges. You can combat for a Star by completing each challenge. Thus you can collect 3 Stars in each level. There is no time limit in this game, but so many obstacles like Bombs, Mines, Meteors, Different Coloured Blocks, etc. are the main difficulties and those are always ready to damage your Chromaroid.

As the game has so many obstacles, it has many special Power-Ups also like – Wildcard Block, Grow Block, Shields, Coin Magnets, etc. These different types of power-up blocks help you in various purpose. As examples Grow Block helps to grow your Chromaroid faster, coins can upgrade your special blocks across levels.

The game control is simple and friendly. At the beginning, the position of your little cube character is in the centre of the screen, and the obstacles and friendly blocks come from every side of the screen. You have to drag the same coloured blocks to your character and threshed away the obstacles out of the screen. As it supports multi-touch controls, you can use more than one finger to play comfortably.

Evergrow is really impressive. The game looks pretty cool with its wonderful minimalist, colourful graphics. The principal objects are in basic geometric shapes, and the dynamic lighting effects make the game gorgeous.The soundtrack is very soothing, and the effect sounds are also delightful. Use your headphone that will engage your hours with this superb game.

Evergrow is not only a cute addictive game, it has a fun part also. The developer has added a fun iMessage sticker pack with this game for the peoples who loves blocky faces. You should definitely try this awesome game. It’s eye-catchy and also a unique game with adorable Characters. The developers are really talented and did a great job I must say. Though the game is not free, it is worth to spend $2.99 on this game. I will suggest you play Evergrow and experience yourself. Grab the game without wasting time anymore and share with us how you enjoy it. App Store download link is given bellow for your quick start!