Do you love the getaway scenes in movies?

If so this is the game for you! Imagine you are driving a car, rob a bank in a pursuit where cops are behind you. It would be tough to escape, especially if you committed your crime in a densely populated area!! Relax, you don’t have to rob a bank in real life to get that excitement. Here, Crimson pine brought to you a very addictive single tap game- Drifty Chase, where you have to flee from the cops by driving your car. Now,  Let’s see a short preview of this game.

Game-play: The control of this game is pretty simple. You just have to tap the screen to turn left and right, and you have got to dodge the cars. It’s easy, but you tend to make a lot of silly mistakes. As you go playing forward, you will be able to go ahead and get the precision and accuracy of tapping the screen properly. There are arrow marks on the roads to guide you. You just need to drive on the right lane, and that would help you out. The tough part about this game is when you tap it automatically not go into the center of the road. It’s all of your approximation when you click and where the car lands that is where the game gets tougher. So, hold your concentration or the cops will catch you in a while.  



  • Different types of characters!
  • Different cities to escape
  • Simple but challenging
  • Unlimited game-play
  • Playable by all age people
  • Cool music
  • Probably the most beautiful character shop among casual games


Graphics:  The graphics of this game crave a simple-but-effective low-polygon look, somewhat look alike voxels and having been employed in other mobile titles such as Crossy Road and Giant Boulder Of Death. An affluence of lighting effects adds to the mood and makes each city unique with a distinct palette.


Sound Effect: The music is soothing yet not too disturbing. There’s a 70’s-inspired track that plays and smoothly segues into other tracks as the game progresses. For example, it becomes distinctly oriental-sounding when entering Chinatown. Cute little touches like these are certainly welcome and add to the experience.


Size: The Beta version of this game is 30 to 40 MB, pretty small, anyone can easily make some space for this game.

Additional: Every couple of hours the game will provide you with a “free” robbery. That is, when you start a run when you have one available, you will automatically earn a big amount of cash at the very beginning of your run. If you want, the game has an Apple TV version as well, and robberies run on different timers. You can get a robbery bonus from the iPhone version, then get another bonus from the Apple TV version!


That’s all for Drifty Chase. Pick up your free-to-play copy here on the App Store or on Google Play.



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