Can you remember “Hiccup” from the movie “How to Train Your Dragon“? That young Viking teenage boy who trains his dragon with great love and guidance and earn his tribes gratitude. You might have the dream to train an adorable dragon, like “Toothless”. Or you might have a deep desire inside to own a dragon, like the “Targaryens” from “Game Of Thrones”? Have you? Then you can fulfill a slit portion of your dream. Wondering How!! No, the dragons are not coming back. Not for real actually. What you can do, you can play a game called “Dragonlings – Baby Dragon Jump Adventure” from Game Studio RISINGHIGH, where you can play with your baby dragons and go through a magical journey. RISINGHIGH is well known for their extraordinary graphics design in casual gaming. Especially in “Parallels”, which they publish with Appsolute Games LLC.

In Dragonlings, once again they proved their consistency in cool game designing. Plus, they have done a great job in level design in this game. You will see all most all the elements you can imagine in an indie game. A large pool of cute characters, which you can buy with game currency. There is two mode in this game, Arcade, and Story. Go endless in arcade mode. But you will love story mode as well. Because it has three fantastic worlds namely “Tree Top”, “Gold Rock” and “Lava Mountain”. And each world has 15 long levels. Both arcade and story mode is full of enemies from shooting flower to spiky platforms. In this quest, you will help little dragonlings to find in search of stolen magical eggs along with avoiding some deadly obstacles while moving through the platform to platforms.


Some platform moves side-wise and sometimes you will not see any platform at all. Your task is to guide this lovely jumping dragon upward by moving left and right. And don’t forget to take magnets. Because it will help you to gather more coin by which you will be able to buy one of the new baby dragons from 16 of them. Speaking of RISINGHIGH, they have already published five games in Appstore– “Color Maze”; “99 Moons”; “Fatal”; and “Impossible Traffic Light”. They mostly work with Buildbox. If you are an arcade game lover, you might have played one of their games already. If you haven’t played yet, I highly recommend you to play Dragonlings as it was featured in Appstore. So what are you waiting for? Go and play.


  1. Hallo, schoenen Gruss aus fernem Osten (S,-toniViegnam)aIch finde, was Ihr machst ,ist wunderbar!Ich persoenlich fahre mit meinem Rad rund durch grosse Stadt(schnauzevoll gefuellt mit Mobikes und Autos , dadurch Verkehrsstau).Neue Hoffnung fuer die arme Erde!

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