Double Cube


Since its release, Double Cube has been featured by Apple in 119 countries including United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, France, Germany and most of Europe. It reached the Top 100 Games in 27 countries. We also reached 5 Strategy games in 30 countries.


Can you navigate two cubes through a space shuttle? Tap to jump and avoid obstacles. Double Cube will test your eye-finger coordination.  This 100% original game will get you hooked for hours.



Game Name: Double Cube
Developer: GameOver Studio Limited
Publisher: Nanovation LLC.
Release Date: October 13, 2016
Platforms: App Store (iPhone® & iPad®) & tvOS

AppStore link:

Description: Can you navigate two cubes through a space shuttle? Tap to jump and avoid obstacles. The environment and speed of the players change rapidly. So you need to think, adjust and react in matter of split seconds.

Double Cube will test your eye-finger coordination. if you are good at multitasking, Double Cube is the right game for you. This 100% original game will get you hooked for hours. Download now and play.


– Different types of characters!
– Simple but challenging
– Unlimited gameplay
– Playable by all age people


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Letter from our Founder!

Hello, Friend!

Thanks for your interest in GameOver Studio and Double Cube!

We are an independent game development studio based out of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Our journey started in Mid 2015. As a studio, we focus on casual games. We are a full-service game studio with dedicated coders, designers, artists and marketers. We also run the first game focused blog from Bangladesh.

14570485_343816269294508_6667836783897075174_nOur new release Double Cube has got great success in App store. We achieved Worldwide feature by Apple and received more than 10,000+ ios downloads on the European market. In some countries we even crossed popular games like Clash of Clans.
We are very keen on developing the indie game ecosystem of Bangladesh. Just give us a knock if :

a. You are a publisher and want to publish any of our new games! (Our team is working on few other interesting games)

b. You are a young game developer/game designer/game artist and want to work with us.

c. You want to get your games published (We work closely with few US-based publishers)

d. You want to review any of our games.

e. You want to write for our blog.

f. You want to work with us on building an indie game ecosystem.

g. You just want to say ‘hi’

Thank you.

Zamilur Rashid
Founder, GameOver Studio
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The inspiration behind Double Cube!

multitasking-oWe multitask every day. On average, we lose 40% of our productivity due to  Multitasking. Multitasking also reduces IQ by up to 15 points. And still, we look at our phone screen 150 times a day. Our average attention span is less than 2 minutes. And in the creative industry, the situation is even worse. So one beautiful morning, we decided, to make a game about Multitasking. The initial idea was to create a game that will showcase the loss in productivity and stress caused by multitasking. We went with the space theme as it also represents time. Controlling two characters represents doing two things at once. And the problems were represented

by spikes and other obstacles. 


Transformation of Double Cube!

Making a game flawless is hard. We made three major versions of the double cube and each had around 20 smaller updates before we finalized the one we released. Here is some photos from our first version:

App Icon:s V1 of Double Cube

First Concept: V1 of Double Cube

Game Logo: V1 of Double Cube

UI: V1 of Double Cube

UI Icon set: V1 of Double Cube

Assistive Gameplay: V1 of Double Cube

GamePlay: V1 of Double Cube

UI: V1 of Double Cube

Double Cube 2nd Version

Double Cube in Media!