When plenty of Runner Games or Puzzle Games are available for our Smartphones, Don’t Grind is unique in its own way. Laser Dog Games comes with this fantastic game with a different concept which is perfect for this time where you are playing a mini character by bouncing it in the messy air.

The gameplay is a little unique where your character is inevitably ground up two rotating circular saw blades. You have to survive here by tapping continuously to bounce the character. ‘Single tap’ gives you a small bounce, ‘tap and hold’ gives you longer bounce. You can change the direction by swiping left-right to avoid obstacles like lasers, rockets, blades etc. that can hasten your death with a violent vibration.


Though your core focus should be on surviving, you have to collect Stars that appear at random places within the gameplay. Your gaming score counts on the Stars. Small Stars consist single point, and Big Yellow Stars consist 3 points. Collect the Stars, as many as you can to score big.

This game will give you some tasks to earn Medals. After collecting a certain number of them, you can unlock additional Characters. There are lots of Characters of various shapes. As it’s 1st Character is a Banana, surely it has a tension of turning into banana smoothy ? by the grinding blades!! So, play carefully. Don’t let their nightmares come true as they all have googly eyes that pop out if you fail them!! ?

The game is quite funny with its Sound!! Different Characters make a different sound, and they are awesome I must say!

Don’t Grind is a challenging game with a global leaderboard. You can compete with your friends and make higher position in this leaderboard. The game is available now on the App Store and Google Play. Download, play, score but don’t grind!