CRASH OF CARS – a game that never put me on thinking how to start writing the review on it, though the introduction part always bother me! A real-time multiplayer game can’t be cool more than this! If I want to say in one word, the game “amused” me as well as its graphics. Actually, the design attracts me more than the gameplay. So, for the 1st time, without any preface, I would like to enter into the game graphics directly.

Crash of Cars is a 3D visual game by a large flawless artwork of Low-poly graphics. The graphics quality is too high to ocular the smoothness of the game from the Top-Down View. According to the name of the game, you may understand the mission that you have to crash lots of cars here which is definitely impressive to watch out. The crashes are amazing!

In this game, there are Four Beautiful LocationsDesert, Moon, Gorge, and Narrow. Each area features every tiny detail perfectly which is really great. The irreproachable assets make the game so accurate and impeccable. All area contain fine and colourful sands, roads, trees, canals, stones, rivers, channels, fences, buildings, and much more. Moreover, the game brilliantly developed with bright and vibrant backgrounds.

Now, let me say something about the cars which are designed wonderfully. The game has 32 unlockable and upgradeable unique and colourful vehicles with different rarities like – Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary; each introduces stylish and classic look with a different name. All cars are customisable with 30 types of skins, and some even contain exclusive gameplay perks, as well as each car has different balancing power which is pretty awesome.

Now, I should discuss the gameplay which I skipped before because the game graphics pleased me very much. Though I said that in this game you have to crash lots of cars which are your enemies, the core mission is to collect Crowns from the grounds as many as you can. When you destroy any car, all the Crowns that car had, will spread on the ground! Your enemies are also hungry for those Crowns. So, the competition is obvious to gather Crowns and crash other, and you have to be very perfect with controlling your car to remain in your position. The control is so simple to understand. Tap left side of the screen to turn your car Left and tap right side of the screen to turn your car Right. Isn’t it easy to handle?

As it’s a real-time multiplayer game, you have to play online. You can play online with your friends also, and it will be great fun to crash friends cars! You can also play the single player mode on offline. You can collect 16 upgradable power-ups which will help you to destroy other players, steal their Crowns, and climb the Leaderboards!

The developer and the publisher Not Doppler brought this fantastic game on both App Store and Google Play for absolutely FREE. Though the game released on last Thursday, March 23, the developer updated it so many times. And now the 1.1.03 version is available worldwide on both platforms. You can easily keep this 168.2 MB game on your smart device. Just click the compatible icon from below to download and start crushing cars!