Last year, we played a simple racing game named “Thumb.Run” where the goal was to race to a checkpoint and back against one opponent. A few months ago the game disappeared from the App Store without any explanation! And it was wondering when Nanoo Company announced their new game “Cosmo Race“. It surprised everyone who played Thumb.Run before and now they know the reason to be missing the game from the store. It was purchased by the company and now has been updated and re-released as Cosmo Race!

Cosmo Race is an online 6 vs. 6 racer game. Here, you play a role of a cosmonaut and it’s a race between 6 cosmonauts! You have to race against 5 real players worldwide! The mission is to finish the race taking any route towards the checkpoints. It means you can run in any direction you like! Isn’t it a great race?

Always try to run faster and finish the race with a good position. You have to collect lots of coins from the race which is the ultimate key to this game. You have to pay a certain amount of coins to participate in each new match. But if you achieve any position from the 1st three, you may get the money back out may get up to the double amount that you spend! But if you get any of the last three positions, unfortunately, you will lose your coins.

Cosmo Race is a simple minimalist style game with a 2D flat design. The animations are so smooth that keep your eyes in a comfort zone. The control system is also too easy to play. Just tap left and right on the screen to start the run, jump and climb walls! You can enjoy different levels with same controls. Use the larger amount of money to play in the greater area. You can use unique items for upset wins.

As the game is free-to-download but pay-to-play, you need coins to attempt a race. But if you lost all your collected coins, you need some In-app-purchase which is really expensive. Except this over costly In-app-purchases, the game is absolutely a perfect time killer with a really well concept. It is so addictive that you must have hard for you to put your device down! The game has been featured on the App Store worldwide! So what are you waiting for? Pick up your 165 MB free copy from your Store Icon below and start enjoying Cosmo Race.