When I was young, I loved to play one of the PC game about making cakes called “Purble Place“. Then time flew, and I started to play harder games but never ignore cooking games. For so many days, I played another cooking game named “Kitchen Scrumble” on a social media site and enjoyed it a lot. You may think, why I am talking about my favourite cooking games! It’s only because of that today I got a lovely new game that reminisced me my old days.

“Purble Place” & “Kitchen Scramble”

Playing cooking games is always pleasant for all ages people. So, I thought to share a new game with you that you can try it for once at least. The name of the game is “Cooking Craze” which released on both App Store and Google Play by the Developer Big Fish Games. Now let’s talk about the game.

Cooking Craze is a fun play restaurant game where you can master in the kitchen. It’s a very addictive time-management game. Your target is to earn money by making your customer happy. You have to prepare foods, cook them and serve to the customers. Cooking Craze is a fast game, so you have to utilise your time-management skill entirely. As a popular food shop’s cook, you have lots of guests with different food cravings. So you have to make various tasty foods quickly. If you serve meals late, your customers get angry and leave your restaurant. So, you have to work in a hurry!!

In this game, you can expand your restaurant and upgrade your interior. From bakeries, you can create a burger shop, even, you can build a five-star restaurant! Expansion and upgrading help you to earn more money. Your earned money help you to upgrade your internal equipment. And, to unlock new restaurants, you need to earn gold comment cards. Money and cards, both you will get by making tasty foods. As well as, you can earn achievements too.

Gameplay-wise, the game is exciting and addictive. With 2D visuality, it’s very colourful game. Graphics quality is quite good, and music is not bad at all. Overall, it’s a complete package of a kitchen game. As it’s free to download, you can easily download it. For your quick start, download links are given below, just hit your Store Icon and get begun to run your restaurant. Happy cooking. 🙂