Imagine, you are in a bombing, and your team is being overrun. Only you stand between the civilian town and the enemy tank battalion. You have to hold them off for as long as you can!! Can you take the stress and save your team? If so, play “Chunky Tanks”– an action game by “PlayMotive”.

Chunky Tanks is all about doing or dying.
Here, so many enemy tanks are enclosing your tank. Shoot them before they shoot you in a blink of an eye. Mainly, you have to take control of the Anti-Tank gun and hold off the enemy tanks by blowing them to CHUNK. Only you can stop the assault!!

The control is not that terrible. You have to tap to shoot those foe tanks. Hold and tap to aim the farthest target and keep going to get a higher score. Your score will count on how many tanks you destroy. So go on bombing but be brave enough to save yourself first.


• Unlock new and more Powerful Guns.
• Fast action One Touch Game-play
• Challenge your Friends for the High Score
• Incredibly Funny and Addictive

Besides the addictive game-play, it will please you with a pixel visual effect. The crispy 3D graphics along with real world sound effects make the game more entertaining. Challenge your friends to add more fun and share your high-score.


Chunky Tanks released just on 19th October. Now available in Appstore. Feel free to download, link is given below ?