I am a big fan of puzzle game, and when I found a fantastic colourful puzzle game topping the App store, ? I just fall in love with that. I am talking about “Chroma Rush“. A beautiful puzzle game that I really want to share with you. If you are a puzzle lover, then must have a look here, this review is for you. Or if you don’t freak with the puzzle but love to play with colours, you are also welcome. ?

Chroma Rush is just excellent. Generally, puzzle games are little slower, but this time it’s different. It is a fast-paced puzzle game and our thinking time is really short. A small clock on the middle-top of your screen to count down the times and your target is to follow the instruction popping up middle-bottom of your screen before time runs out. In this game, your mission is not always same. Here, you have to match colours, find the unmatched colour or rearrange colour in gradient order; all depend on the instructions. If you fail to follow the instruction before time, your game will end. ⏰

If you think that its gameplay is easy, and nothing is challenging here, then you are not correct at all. The main difficulty is the time I must say. Maybe you pass some of the beginning levels without too much trouble, but as much as you survive a protracted period capturing the time limitations, you have to face harder levels.

Chroma Rush is so addicting that I can play it all day. All aged people will like to play it. As I said, this game is based on colour; it’s graphically beautiful.? Background music and Effects sounds, both are soothing. Developer Lonely Few was done a great job with this brilliant puzzle game, and secure one of the best place in app store featured games, as well as successful on Google, play also. If you wanna try this amazing colourful game, just download it following the links below and jump into the colour puzzle.❤

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