As a casual game lover, I am always craving for new games which can entertain me perfectly. And, a few weeks ago, when I got Ketchapp‘s Ballz, it hooked me for many hours by its addictiveness. I was untiringly playing Ballz to beat not only my high score but also cross my friend’s scores! It was amazing!

Earlier this week, I found a very good looking game on the Featured Game List of App Store named “Charming Runes – Endless Arcade Block Breaker”. You may think why I’m pulling another game here where I am discussing on Ballz! It’s because that Charming Runes contains similar features of Ballz along with its own speciality. And both games are awesome!


Ballz and Charming Runes, both of them have same control system and same gameplay. In these games, there are a few bricks which have written their hitpoint on them. You have to break all the bricks by wiping your finger to throw the characters you have. The games are very tricky, and you should try to break as many bricks as possible before they reached the bottom. Once any of them get to the bottom line, your game is over.


Charming Runes is a well-graphics game and Ballz is a simple and minimalist game. In Ballz, on the black background, colourful balls and bricks look really pretty. On the other hand, Charming Runes has cartoonish characters and objects that make the game gorgeous. Though both games are 2D, Charming Runes has details designs and an isometric touch. Developer Mighty Games added many property and particularity in Charming Runes but the design theme and characters they took from their another game Charming Keep – Collectable Tower Tapper.


Ballz is a very relaxing arcade game with little ball characters and various colours flat square shaped bricks. On the other side, Charming Runes is a fun game with an interesting game field.  In this game, a cute character sitting on a cart throws pickaxes to break the bricks! It features lots of Boosts like RuneScope, RuneSmasher, RuneBooms. Some of the bricks are very powerful in Charming Runes; they can give you gifts like magical pickaxes or sometimes can blast to break lots of bricks at once!

In Ballz, sometimes it gets annoying when your balls start surfing at one place without breaking any bricks. You may feel boring at that moment. The developer of Charming Runes did a great job to make you active in their game. You can use a Magnet to get all your thrown pickaxes back quickly! Isn’t is gleeful?!

Both of the game have Endless gameplay. You can make scores as big as you want on these games. Moreover, I can say I love both of them. If you love a simple, minimalist game, try Ballz. It worth trying I must say. Or if you like to play a game with good graphics, go for Charming Runes. But if you are confused which one is more addictive, I would like to suggest you try both of the games once at least. Both are free to play!! Download Links are given below for your quick start. Just hit your Store Icon and enjoy your favourite one. Don’t forget to share your choice and experience with us. Let us know how you enjoy those games! Happy gaming!

Download Ballz:

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