Good news for some casual game lover who wanted to play the super exciting games “Chameleon Run” but couldn’t get a chance to play because it was premium. After almost one year of releasing, this challenging auto-runner is now temporary free to download on the App Store. Though last November, it randomly went free on iOS, this time, you can download it fully free. But sad new for Android user, it’s still a premium on Google Play, and you have to spend $1.97 for this addictive platformer.

Chameleon Run is a level-based Platformer game with a colourful twist. Its cube-like auto-runner character that you are playing is really excellent. Your task is to finish the paths of each level by jumping your character by tapping the right side of the screen. These exciting paths are really challenging to pass away. As this game has a colour twist, you have to match the colour of the path and the character. You have to switch the colour of the player to match with the platform by tapping left of the screen. Actually, this is the biggest challenge that the player can not touch opposite colour. Otherwise, it will be instant game over.

The game’s pixel perfect graphics is amazing. The dark pink and yellow colour combination are fantastic for the game. The smoothness of the game is eye-soothe. The changing of colours, the animation of the players, everything is nicely done. Sounds also make the game addictive. Though, it is not a new game; it is still one of the fantastic game in the casual game industry.

It is a stylish and unique game for sure. Like ‘old is gold’, Chameleon Run is still a golden baby of Noodlecake studio. If you haven’t had a chance to try it before, don’t waste your time anymore. Truly, it’s a must try. Download Chameleon Run now and jump into the colour twist.

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