Last year, I played a game named “Tunnel Trouble – Space Jet Games” which was too much addictive. I really loved that game and wanted to play something like that again. And guess what! Just got a lovely game from my favourite studio Ketchapp! 😍 And, interestingly, the name of the game is “Catch Up“! The game reminds me my endeared game Tunnel Trouble, but of course, it has its own style! Developer Mempic Game Studio is the creator of this exciting game which is available on both App Store and Google Play.

Catch Up” is a Fast-Paced Auto Runner game with a satisfying game feel. In this game, you have to drive a cute little rolling Ball to make his way on a road which is full of unexpected obstacles. At the beginning, the game introduces you the way of playing. You have to swipe your finger left-right on the screen to move your character which is very simple. You can easily pass obstacle if you play carefully. But as it is a very fast paced game, you might get some trouble at the start. But, you can be master here if once you catch the pattern! 😃

Don’t hit any obstacles; it will be instant game over. You can only hit other balls during playing; it will change the colour of the game instantly! It’s just for fun actually, nothing big deal in the game. One more thing you should know that the ball will jump only if it touches the red circles on the ground. So, try to touch them. Otherwise, you may regret later!

The only character in this game is Balls. There are many balls available in the shop in different types like – Social, Regular, Rare, Flag and Premium. Those balls are too cute that you would love to unlock them. No matter if you need to watch a 30 seconds video to unlock an amazing ball! 😉

In Catch Up, your point counts on the number of obstacles you pass. So, you can collect lots of points by playing correctly! During playing, you can also collect Diamonds as game currency. You will also get those Diamonds by Free Gifts. And, using those Diamonds, you can unlock more balls. Though you can not choose any specific ball as all are hidden, but, every ball is good looking and stylish that you must love to play with them. And, as some balls carry Country Flags, may be you will get your Country Flag ball!! 😉

Usually, I don’t bother too much about UI. But, in this game, I love their UI buttons too. They are very user-friendly and cute. Especially, the way of asking for like their social pages to unlock social site symbol characters! They used very popular and common smileys fascinatingly, I must say. I found it really cool! 😘

You can play this beautiful game in two modes – Bright Mode and Dark Mode. Both are pretty awesome! But, personally, I like the dark mode more. As the game is well graphitised and colourful, it can successfully attract the casual gamers. Visually, it is a 3D game, and the game design is amazingly perfect. Moreover, I can say, it’s a complete package of a fabulous casual game. 😙

At the end, I will suggest you play this game once. If you love speedy casual games, then this one is perfect for you. And, as it’s free-to-play, then you can easily enjoy this, isn’t it? The only optional in-app-purchase in this game is to buy Premium Balls with real money. And you any in-app-purchase will remove all ads automatically! So, try this game now, spend your alone time or play with your friends. I’m just too good in this game 😜, and I am continuously beating my score! 😁 Let us know your experience in the comment section below, but now just hit your Store Icon to download the game and enjoy! Happy gaming! ❤❤