Last week, a solitaire card game hit the App Store named Card Thief which is a follow-up to the popular game Card Crawl. Arnold Rauers of Tinytouchtales added this fantastic sneaky game in gamer’s favourite game list on 19 March and it already got a ranking of 88.00% in between 10 days! You may guess how cool the game is! No more preface, let’s dive into the gameplay…

At the beginning of card thief, the game warmly welcomes you and offers a training section to play which is really a nice start. At first, the game introduces you with your thief card that displays your current stealth points on the top and the amount of treasure stolen by you on the bottom. There are some Enemy Cards, Treasure Cards, etc. Your mission is to make your way through the deck, steal treasures, pickpocket the guards and exit in the unseen castle. Here, I am discussing the tutorial part shortly for your quick start.

    The control system of Card Thief is simple as drag and drop, but the gameplay is little lengthy. To move, select at least 2 cards next to each other to create a path. Remember, the path can’t cross itself. Confirm your path by tapping and holding onto the Thief Card. Select the exit card before you confirm your path. To sneak Enemy Cards, you have to use your Stealth Point. If you move to the cards which are not adjacent to your thief, it will increase the path difficulty by 1. A card that increases the path difficulty has a little Arrow Icon. All card values are multiplied with the current path difficulty which you can see at the top of the screen.

    As a new player, you should try to reach the exit card and observe that how cards change their values and your stealth deduct. You should always have an eye on your stealth points. If you have at least 1 point, you are invisible to Enemies. To restore your Stealth Point, you can play Sneak Cards. Their value will be instantly added to your stealth. Try to exit each game with at least 5 Stealth Point left. Hide Cards restore your stealth to 10 points. To hide, you have to end your path on the Hide Card. In Card Thief, Light and Shadow play a very important role. Illuminated enemies become stronger, and Sneak & Hide cards become useless. You can select a Torch to extinguish it. Torches light cards next to them and influence their value. But obstacles like torches and doors can’t capture you even if your stealth has run out.

    Guards are your main enemy in Card Thief. If they see you and you have no stealth point left, they will capture you. There will be an eye icon on the bottom of some Cards that are watched by a guard. A guard facing direction is indicated by the view cone icon on its border. The opposite side of a guard facing direction is its back side. If you approach a guard in the shadow from his backside, you don’t have to spend any stealth points. If you select a card that was watched by a guard, the guard is alerted and gets +1 permanently. If a guard value is higher than your remaining stealth points, he will capture you. But when you deselect cards, guards will restore their initial state.

    Each heist you can take equipment cards with you. Your inventory can hold up to 3 cards. Equipment cards are used before you start your path. An equipment card has to be greater or equal to the target card in order to work. To use it, drag and drop the card on the desired target.

    The game features 4 heists each with different enemy and obstacle types. It has 12 unlockable and upgradable equipment cards and also includes a Mini deck building.

The playtime is very short – not more than 2-3 minutes. But the game needs a lot of tactical planning, strategies and stealth to be successful. After all, playing with a deck of cards is not gonna so easy. But I can assure you that the game is thousands time awesome than the tutorial portion. It is something more than your expectation too. You can heist with the global high scores daily! It is interesting, isn’t it?

Card Thief is a 2D visual game perfectly decorated with rich assets and dark background. The graphics will soothe your heart that you may watch whole day this game only! Sounds are too compatible to the game theme. It is a perfect pack of a time killer. But you don’t get it for free. You need to spend $1.99 to get its awesomeness! Don’t waste your time anymore, Just download the game hitting the Icon bellow and start sneaking in Card Thief.