How far can you dive into a deep shaft fearlessly? It’s time to dip into the canyon for lots of Gems! Developer QuickByte Games brought a super addictive fun game named “Canyon Crash”. Now, no one can stop you to become a minor master! 😉

Canyon Crash is an Endless free falling game. In this game, you control a cute little guy who looks like a minor, wearing a cap and carrying a hammer! Here, your only mission to collect as many as Gems you can. There is nothing big that can obstruct you from free fall except some blocks. But you can crash them or avoid them easily by moving left or right. Just tap the left side of the screen to move left or tap the right side of the screen to move right! It’s very easy to control, isn’t it?

Though you can sit any of the blocks, it’s very risky because a laser is also falling behind you! Luckily, it’s few step far away from you. You have to fall as fast as possible to dodge the laser. If the laser touches your cutie character, it means your Game is Over! And, your minor never like it. You can understand it by his face expression, and surely you will regret your defeat!

So, can you imagine how will be your feelings in that life-death situation?! But, in this game, you are so confident at all! In this terrible situation, you are collecting lots of Gems somehow! And, surprisingly, with a smiley face! This is the style, right? During the travel, if you lost your cap, don’t be sad! It never can stop your journey at all!

You can play this excellent game with various characters. There are 20 different characters in this game that you can unlock. They all have a different outfit, different arms and different speed. You have to complete a mission to unlock each of them. But one secret method to unlock a Secret Hero also revealed that you must try! Just tap the logo on the main menu ten times and get a new hero!

In this game, there are various types of Gems which have different values. Except Gems, you can collect Bomb that blast all blocks around. You can also receive Potion which makes you smaller that you can easily avoid all the blocks. You can also drink an Energy Drink Can which makes you really energetic that you can dig the blocks fast. Like this, many more things are available in this game to make you entertain.

The game graphics is pretty good with 2D visuality. Everything is good looking and colourful. Background soundtrack is also suitable for the game. And the effect sounds are quite impressive. Overall, the game is awesome as well as addictive. And, everyone’s new favourite game! So, if you want to try this one, pick up your free-to-play copy by hitting your Store Icon below and just dive in the canyon!