We love to play funny casual games. But do we ever think that some brain chasing tasks in a game can also give us unlimited fun? Now you can train your brain to calculate math-puzzle by playing a unique game named “Calculator: The Game“. Developer Simple Machine brought this calculator game which can be a puzzle game, an arcade game or an educational game! Which one would you like to mention as a genre of this game? First know about the game, then decide!

Calculator: This is a level based game. You will get a GOAL which you have to achieve to complete the level. But you have a limited number of MOVES which is the only limitation in this interesting game. Your mission is to make the equal number of your Goal by creating an equation. I mean, you have to calculate wisely to gain the desired number within the limited moves!

CLICKY is the only friendly character here, the best assistant ever! She will help you by anyway and find out amazing hidden buttons for you which will help you a lot!! One of them is HINT which is really cool. The game also features LCD display for extra-long equations! And it also featured Solar Panel Function which is quite good.

You have to use your finger over the solar panel. The “+number” button will add that value to your equation and “-number” button will substitute that value. Just like the same way, you can multiply or divide numbers. The two arrow button will remove a digit from your total value like a backspace. Many more buttons are available in this game which will be introduced by CLICKY in the game!

Graphically, the game has a very minimalist look with a light base colour. The UI buttons designed nicely for modern gameplay which is comfortable too. The soundtrack is also suitable and interesting.

The size of the game was too big (450 MB) when it released, but somehow they managed it to reduce the size to 83 MB. Which is amazing news for low storage Devices. Now you can easily download it from your Store. The game is free-to-play with some optional in-app-purchases on both App Store and Google Play. So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss this beautiful game, just hit your store Icon below to download it and enjoy your own time with Calculator: The Game.