If being an Engineer is one of your dreams, then this game is a quick test for you! BoomBit Games came with a game which is full of awesomeness named “Build A Bridge“!

Build A Bridge is a very creative puzzle game. You have to show your improvisation skill here by building an instant bridge to pass a vehicle. Wondering? Trust me; it’s really cool and full of fun!

To play this game, you need a physics understanding intellect by which you can imagine the balancing mechanism of a bridge. At the beginning, you will find a vehicle waiting on a hill to cross the river. You have to build a structure that connects two Hills over the river. You will get some parts and materials to make the bridge like Road, Wood, Steel, Cable, etc. which is given on the bottom right of the screen. Select a material to use and connect the dots to make the structure.

It’s a level based game with two types of game mode in the game – Classic Mode and SandBos Mode. When you start a level, you have to play Classic Mode first, If you achieve 3 Stars in this mode, the SandBox Mode will be unlocked for that level.

Both modes have the different fun part. In classic mode, there is a fixed budget. You can’t cross that limit. To make more stars, spend as little money as possible to make the bridge. It doesn’t matter if the bridge works for one-time use! All you need to save money from the budget, build a random bridge and cross the path for once.

The SandBox Mode is also interesting. You have to complete some given objective to test your engineering skill! No money limit here. Enjoy unfinishable amount of money to fulfil the tasks. It’s joyful when you get uncountable money to spend, isn’t it? If you stuck anywhere in this game, you can use Hint to make it easy!

You can play this game in two difficulties – Easy and Normal. It has 36 exciting and challenging levels. The environments are colourful and realistic. A variety of cars, fantastic locations everything makes the game beautiful and stylish.

Build A Bridge designed with low poly graphics. During the planning phase, you will play on a simple 2D interface. But once you complete construction, you will enjoy the 3D view that the vehicle is passing your contracted bridge! Surely you will love this view! But sometimes you may enjoy the crash of your crazy bridge as well! 😉

The game is available in 13 languages including English. Chinese French, German, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Spanish and many more. You may play with your own language!

As the game is free to download, there are some In-App-Purchase. But those are totally optional. You can buy Gold and stronger parts through in-app-purchase. Also, you can buy all levels, worlds, etc. at once with real currency!

A good game always gives some extra pleasure. And this game is really very attractive and entertaining that may hook you for hours! Download Build A Bridge by hitting the App Store Icon below and start working on your creativity of building a bridge!!