Playing Ketchapp‘s game is always exciting! Who else but Ketchapp bring new games every week for their fan!! This week they have brought a new arcade game with incredibly cool graphics and music for their game lovers named “Blue edge“. ?

Blue Edge is a 48.2 MB small sized cute game where you have to guide a ball. You may play lots of game where you have to control balls, but this is very different. Though the game matches Ketchapp’s another game Sky a little bit, but it has own unique features and of course a goodly graphics.

The control system of Blue Edge is quite nice. If you played Ketchapp’s another game The Line Zen, then it will be easier to control Blue Edge‘s character. Just touch anywhere on the screen and Drag your finger left or right to move the ball. It’s simple and relaxing. But you have to avoid lots of obstacles, really a lot. ?

In this game, all Black portion are your enemy. One hit with anything black, your ball will become black instantly, which means your game is over. Play very carefully, because black spikes and other obstacles can move also. There are some Red Balls in this game. You can hit them but go away quickly from that ball which you hit because that red ball will blast and explore lots of small black spikes! But you can touch or hit everything white fearlessly. They are friendly objects, and sometimes they will help you to escape from the obstacles. ?

It is all about surviving. Your score will count on your surviving time – how long you can survive there! The game is challenging and also full of surprises like Clone and all. You can enjoy the game in two mode – Arcade and Story. Arcade mode is Endless, and Story mode has levelled base gameplay. Both are fun to play. You can buy new characters like colourful new balls by using Game Currency which is little golden coins which you can collect during playing.

Blue Edge is a very good looking game made by BuildBox. On a white and grey background, it is very eye soothing. I really wonder how a 2D minimalist game can be such awesome. And nothing to say about the soundtrack. It’s outstanding for this game. Such a beautiful background music with effect sound. It is addictive as well as calming.

Moreover, I can say Blue Edge is an excellent release by Ketchapp. You must play this game once at least. If you wanna try it now, just hit your Store Icon below and start your journey to Blue Edge.


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