Best one tap game this week- Jox

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NES, EA, Tencent and lot of big names are coming to mobile game market. Should indie game developers worry about that? I don’t think so! Because user plays a game according to their test and interest. As a developer, you can not push a user to play Puzzle game if he/she like Arcade game. Likewise, there will always be a group of people who will like to play one tap casual games.

As an indie game development company every day, we check app stores. To see new trends and how casual games are doing. We feel awesome when a casual game like Slip Away become top in Appstore. Plus another game gets featured. The game we like today is called Jox by Nanovation games. This is a pretty simple game follow all the principle of one tap game. Easy to play but hard to score. In Jox what you have to do, there are some floating cubes moving opposite direction from one another. Just tap and jump your Player and place it above next cube. When you go up, cubes become smaller and moves faster. Moreover, when all cubes change its direction, it creates a force. So try to drop your character at the centre of the cube or it will fall.

Slip Away

[Most Successful Game of Nanovation]

Keep your eyes open and your finger ready to tap. Because a wrong move will prevent you to score high. If you already played Flappy Bird or Color Switch, you are going to love this game. Give it a try and share your experience with us.

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