Disney is a single word that we all relate from our childhood. It was the biggest entertainment of our early ages. When we just move on the mobile technology, Disney doesn’t let them behind. Meanwhile, Disney came out one after another with amazing Disney Books, Disney Shows, Disney Movies, then why not Disney Mobile Games when smartphones are in everyone’s pocket?

Disney Mobile Game brings some exciting and addictive games for iOS and Android platform, where you can find all your favourite Disney characters and eye-catching graphics of Disneyland. You might feel like that you have just entered into the Disney World.

Disney has released a huge collection of games for mobile. Disney Magic Kingdoms, Disney Enchanted Tales,Disney Magical Dice, Disney Emoji Blitz, Disney Crossy Road,  Disney Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot, Shanghai Disney Resort, Disney Dream Treats, etc. are some of Disney mobile games released in 2016. Today I am going to write about best five of them.

Disney Magic

Did you ever dream to create your own Disney theme park? If so, then your dream can come true with the fantastic Disney mobile game “Disney Magic Kingdoms“.

Here, you can fill your park with all time favourite Disney characters who will be your customer of the park. And your main task is to make them happy by fulfilling their wishes. But, difficulties arrive when Disney villain ‘Maleficent’s evil’ take over the park. And then you have to drive out evil forces using ‘magic’ as well as keeping your customers happy.

5In your kingdom you can expand new areas by unlocking them using ‘magic‘ and also unlock your favourite Disney characters who will populate your park. You can quickly gather magic by completing character quests and wash away your enemy by magic.

Entertain your visitors. Because happy customers help you to boost your happiness level of the happy meter which is shown at the top of the screen. Though the visitor’s wishes are different, you can fulfil their dream for their smiley face. Surely you will love to see their happy smile! You can earn ‘Gems‘ also by levelling up the Disney Cast.

4Disney Magic Kingdoms has an excellent graphics of environment and characters. Your favourite Disney cartoon characters will appear one after another. Make them satisfied as well as they satisfy you! Because the happier your customers are, the greater the crowds you’ll attract to your park. Reign your Kingdom as like as you want in Disney Magic Kingdoms.

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Disney Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot

Can you remember the inspiring Frozen song by the Disney movie “Frozen“? Might be it was your one-time favourite movie. Definitely, you will love to experience that icy theme as a mobile game. Disney Mobile Game company has brought this incredible game “Disney Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot” to reminisce you that movie.

Disney Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot is an action puzzle game just like one of our favourite game Peggle Blast. In this Frozen look game, you have to blast snowballs with ice magic from the top of the screen to complete your given objectives. Queen Elsa, Olaf, Anna and a few mischievous Snowgies are with you on this exotic journey.


Your goal is to accomplish the objectives as soon as possible. You have a certain number of snowballs to play with. And at the end, your remaining snowballs give you a bonus chance to grab a large score during the Free Fall bonus round.

There are more than 100 incredible levels for you. Your game is going to be pretty challenging after some couple of levels. In every 6 hours, you will get a key to unlock your choice of the chest. You get a chance to achieve three stars on each level. You will have advantages of power ups which you can use in any level you struggled. Gems are also here to help you.


Disney Frozen Free Fall Icy Shot is an excellent game which will give you an awesome frozen feel like you have never felt before. It may keep you hooked for hours and hours.

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Disney Emoji Blitz

Nowadays, ‘emoji‘ is the most trendy thing for this generation. How will it be if you are a puzzle lover and get a chance to play puzzle with your favourite Disney character Emojis?

Disney Emoji Blitz” is a Bejeweled-style Disney mobile game. Did you play Farm Heroes Saga, a popular puzzle game with various farm animals? It is a Match-3 game. Emoji Blitz has the same similarity with this game. But here you will play with famous Disney characters.

In Emoji Blitz, your mission is to connect three or more identical Disney characters in a line by swapping them. It is easier than any other match-3 puzzle game to make suitable for youngers.


Disney Emoji Blitz is a level based fun game including plenty of bonus features. Set a target that must be completed to level up. Every time you complete a level, you will get a chance to collect a small number of coins that you can eventually use to unlock cool Disney characters, new rewards and gameplay features. You will occasionally collect gems also.


There are a precious amount of levels to play. Each level scored out of three stars. Each level becomes more challenging than the previous. If you fail to fulfil your target, don’t worry. The good news is your lives regenerate quite quickly. So you can come back after some time and try again.

There is an official Disney Emoji Blitz Leaderboard. Level up to smash your way up the leaderboard, level up your emoji and unlock new characters. The exciting part of this game is you can use your unlocked Disney emoji on your phone keyboard to message them to your friends.

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Disney Dream Treats

Who doesn’t play Candy crush saga, the most popular puzzle game with colourful candies? If you are craving for a sweet puzzle-matching game like this, then, a mouthwatering Disney mobile game named “Disney Dream Treats” is here for you.

Disney Dream Treats is an addictive puzzle game like Emoji Blitz. But, thankfully there is no need to match them in a straight line. You can change your route by tracing your finger through the treats as many as you can match and they will disappear from the grid.

You can move vertically, horizontally and also diagonally in this palatable colourful game. Match up larger to score bigger, but you have to match minimum three identical treats. If you clear more than five treats in one go, you will get a ‘Bonus Treat’ which will remove that row or column!!! By eliminating 7 or more treats at once, you will get more powerful bonus treat which will explode in multiple directions. These exciting bonus treats will also give you massive scores!

16 Disney Dream Treats has lots of different level types with strong variety. Each level scores out of 3 stars. If you stack in a particular level, then you can use your bonus powers to complete it. You can collect all three stars by fulfilling the given objectives in each level. Thus you can gather a massive stash of gold coins by which you can unlock some awesome Disney costumes.17

This delicious cute game can hook up your hours by its gorgeous colourful graphics and addictive gameplay. If you love Disney puzzle games, then you are welcome in Disney Dream Treats for this lovely treats.

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Disney Magical Dice

Do you like Board Games? What if your likeable board game is on your mobile with a bonus like popular Disney theme? Here you go. “Disney Magical Dice” is Disney’s first mobile board game where you can experience an epic adventure in fantastic Disney World with Disney Characters.

Are you familiar with the board game called Monopoly? If so, then Disney Magical Dice is a fun game for you. It’s the perfect combination of Monopoly and adorable Disney characters.

Disney Magical Dice is a virtual board game where you have to compete with another player by racing around the board, and your motive is to buy up properties. Your game depends on your luck because your moves depend on the number which you get by throwing dice and collecting cards.


The game starts from a corner of the board and you have to buy locations without real money! Here you have game money your tricky target is bankrupting your opponent by making strategies. Just buy lands and explore your Disney world. You will get gold, diamonds and magic items. You can change the costumes of your Disney character.

The characters, the locations, everything, are on pretty cute align with Disney theme. Surely you will love to play this.

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