After loving one of the previous online multiplayer game Crash of Cars, now I’m totally addicted by one of the new action game named “Battle Bay“. Developer Rovio Entertainment Ltd, the creator of the popular Angry Birds, bought this game last week on both App Store and Google Play, and less than a week, it becomes one of the featured game on App store!

Battle Bay is also an online multiplayer game between 10 real-time players from all over the world. Unlike other multiplayer games, this game is 5 vs. 5 battle game. You have to team up with 4 more ship pilots and battle against teams of other 5 players. You have to attack opponents ships. Every player has their own speciality, and the life of ships depends on how much-upgraded one’s ship is. Must train the crew and upgrade the ships and weapons.

This is a real fun game. The fun part increases more when you found that your teammates are from your local area! Yes, you can see everyone’s area by their country flag and also see their’s name. You have to put your name also when you start the game for the 1st time. At the beginning, you have to learn movements, attacks and all on the training ground. Once you completed training period, you can battle for real with other players.

The control of the game is little complicated but not too much. After 2 or 3 matches, you may achieve a good grip. You need to use both hands to play this game. Swipe on the left side of the screen to move the own ship and also to view the whole arena. Swipe on the right side of the screen to target your enemy and once you aim your target, just release the tap to shoot. Not that much hard, right? You can use multiple weapons to shoot. You can easily select your favourite on just taping on them.

The graphics of the game is just awesome. 3D visuality and the wavy battlefields make the game gorgeous. This game has in 9 unique maps to challenge your opponent. While playing, don’t forget to have a tour of the whole area. And one thing you should remember, try to leave the red area as soon as possible. When a red circle covered an area, it means your opponent target that area and a fire is about to hit the place. If you don’t depart the area, you will be attacked by the enemy! 😱

You can achieve Gold Coins, Battle Stars, Suger and Pearls in the game. Use those things to upgrade and buy resources. The game also featured Leaderboards, Guild, etc. You can chat with your guildmates and earn perks. You can also fleet up with your friends and battle together! Isn’t it exciting? 😄

Battle Bay is a real-time fun game. Surely you will enjoy this super addictive game if you try it once. The developer gives you this game for no cost! So, are you ready for a battle on the water? Then pick up your free-to-play copy from your Stor Icon below and start the attack for the win! 😉