Bangladesh- Next big Game Market is now open for business!

Direct Operator Billing will allow developers to monetize 100M future Bangladeshi Gamers.

Bangladeshi boy playing Mukti Camp

With 130 Million Mobile phone users, Bangladesh is one of the few large untapped gaming markets. Low credit card penetration and absence of alternative payment methods made it unattractive for Game Developers.

But this is about to change as we (Mindfisher Games) signed Direct Operator Billing agreement with Grameenphone (countries largest telecom operator with 45% market share). Now users shall be able to spend on digital products directly from their mobile balance. This new process is much more user-friendly. Also, the absence of any 3rd party ensures better revenue share for developers. First Game to take advantage of this payment system will be Mukti Camp Version 2.0; launching on 26th March 2018. You can try the live beta.

This platform right now is closed for few selected developers. But soon will open to accommodate more quality developers. Countries two other Telecom operators (Robi Axiata and Banglalink) will introduce Direct Operator Billing soon, making 100% of the market monetizable.

I believe this is the right time to start considering Bangladesh as a potential market. User Acquisition cost is much lower even compared to India. Our players are friendly and prone to leave detailed feedback. These factors make our market ideal for soft-launching games.

The number of smartphone users is increasing rapidly (In 2017 alone Bangladesh imported over 10M smartphones). If we combine this with the introduction of 4G and people’s willingness to pay for digital content, I believe we have a market that is heading towards an in an inflection point.

If you want to launch your game in Bangladesh- we at Mindfisher can help you with the local payment system, localization, user acquisitions, and market research. For any queries, feel free to email me at or connect with me on LinkedIn

*Writer Zamilur Rashid is the Founder & CEO of Mindfisher Games.