Did you play the unique puzzler “Linear!” on App Store yet? If you tried it before and liked it, then you will gonna love this new game too. I’m talking about Nanovation‘s new game named “Ball Slide“. Though the name seems very random, it’s different and interesting! Surely, you will gonna pull your own hair while trying to solve this exciting puzzle game!

Ball Slide is a level based puzzle game with a simple concept. Your mission looks very naive in this game! Here, you will control a small ball. You have to get the ball into the right target to reach the next level! The control is also very straight, just swipe the ball into the matching target to complete the level. Sounds easy, right? Try once and then prove yourself how good puzzle solver you are!!!

The game has over 100 levels of challenging puzzles. Though the levels are too tough, I must say, you can’t stop playing! It is too much addictive. In this game, you have to collect various types of Diamonds. They will work as game currency! As the game starts with a simple ball skin, you can buy more amazing skins and trails using those Diamonds to personalise your character. There are 100 amazing skins and trails available in the shop. Isn’t it interesting?

Sometimes, you may feel that some levels are just impossible to solve, but let me tell you that all the levels are solvable! Just put some efforts; actually, you need lots of efforts! 😛 And, also need a cool brain, concentration and skill. I think it’s a perfect puzzle game to enjoy leisure time.

I found a minor difficulty to go back to the main menu during playing. At the beginning, I found no button for return in the menu when I was in a level. But, you shouldn’t be worried. Just make a double tap anywhere on the screen to get some options!

Graphically, the game contains very minimalistic design. With 2D visuality and colourful elements on a white background, the game looks really nice. I love the cute little colourful Smilies very much!

At the end, I can say the game is so addicting and enjoyable. It is a free-to-play game with some optional in-app purchases. But, sad news for Android users, the game is only available on App Store! So, if you have and iOs device, just hit the Store Icon below and dive into Ball Slide. Don’t forget to share your experience with us! Happy Gaming!