Imagine! You are small round ball. You can not jump or shoot. And you are surrounded by lots of enemies. Only thing you can do is change your position horizontally. Yes, Tap on the screen and bring your character backwards. The longer you touch and hold the screen, the longer you go backwards. But don’t reach the left side of the screen! Because it is a death trap. As soon as you touch it the game is over. BackBack is a unique game developed with Buildbox. There are many characters to choose. And it is completely free.


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Game Name: Back Back
Developer and Publisher: Gameover Studio Limited
Release Date: November 15, 2016
Platforms: App Store (iPhone® & iPad®)
AppStore link:

Excellent music! Headphones recommended! 
Endless Runner with 20 unique Challenges!
10 different players

How to Play?
a. Tap to move the ball backwards to avoid obstacles.
b. Tap too much, the ball shall hit left side of the screen and Gameover!

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