Today, we have a game that makes you laugh for hours! The name of this interesting game is “Autosplit” which is featured on App Store. It is a cool game with full of addictiveness and entertainment, the funniest game I have ever played! Some deaths are really fantastic to watch!! 😉

Let me tell you about the gameplay. In this game, you are controlling a pair of Truck at once! They are moving parallelly in a crazy highway, and a Hero is standing atop of the trucks! Yes! He is standing on those moving vehicles while his legs are on different trucks! You have to drive your vehicles avoiding lots of obstacles that the hero must be safe.

The trucks have an auto-split function, all you need to do is make them closer while needed. The control to simple to capture. Tap and Hold to make them closer and Release the Tap to further apart. If you think that the game sounds easy, then you are perfectly wrong! One crash with any obstacle means your game is over. Though the game gives you unlimited fun, it’s not easy to score a lot. One of our teammates secured only 22 points as a high score that we could not beat till now. 🙁

To play this game, you have to keep your full concentration in the game. Avoiding obstacles is tough here. Because sometimes they suddenly make a barrier to your path or sometimes they move at the last moment. So you have to make moves fast too. Variety of obstacles makes the journey so complicated that you die so many times in the beginning. Once you meet all of the obstacles, then the game become little easier than before.

Autosplit has more than 100 characters. You can choose your favourite vehicle as well as the hero too. All of them are very cool and good looking. The different types of obstacles are also interesting. All the game assets are made with colourful 3D pixel graphics that gives the game an Isometric View. With the background music and effect sound, you will definitely enjoy the game.

Developer FDG Mobile Games GbR brought  Autosplit on the App Store last week and keep the game Full-Free with some optional In-App Purchase. If you need some instant entertainment, then just hit the Store Ion below and dive into this epic journey!!