After the huge success of Slip Away, Nanovation came with a new puzzle game named “Astroscape“. Astroscape is developed by Fabmika Games, the creator behind Slip Away. This super stunning game launched on 28 June 2017 on App Store.

Astroscape starts with an excellent storyline – The year of 2084, a space program has discovered 3 abandoned alien bases on a mysterious planet in the nearby galaxy. In this game, you are playing a role of Astronaut. Your mission is very adventurous. You have to get inside that bases to explore and collect their Golds and Energy Crystals! Though those bases are very dark, and its grungy mazes are full of deadly traps, you have to protect yourself and return alive after completing your missions.

In Astroscape, you have to tap left and right to move the little astronaut to manoeuvre it through enemies. Your each tap makes the guy move upward. The faster you tap, the faster he moves. But, don’t get rushed, just slowly approach all objects and cleverly complete your missions. You need your both hands, relaxed brain and lots of concentration to achieve success. Though the control is little hard, you can master it with a little practice. But if you tried out Slip Away before, then it will be easier to play Astroscape because the controls are quite similar.

Astroscape is simple, yet challenging puzzle game. It has level-based gameplay where you can unlock 40 incredible levels in 3 different worlds – Eris, Ymir and Kore. Levels are really difficult and challenging. Unlike Slip Away, here, you can touch walls or can land on platforms. Just don’t crash with enemies like moving obstacles, lasers, spikes, other living characters, etc. It will be instant death! 🙁

In this game, there are 20 unlockable cute astronauts characters with interesting names. They all are pretty good looking that you will love to play with them. And their moving animations are really adorable.You can unlock them by your collected Golds during playing. You can also buy Sheild to protect your little hero.

Visually, I can say, the game is perfect. Everything designed so beautifully in a gorgeous environment of Space. And, the sound makes the game more adventurous. As a BuildBox game, this game is very incredible and runs smooth on all the iOS devices. As the game is totally free, I suggest you try it at least once. It is a fun game and perfect for dull moments. So, Download this addicting puzzle game by hitting the Store Icon below and enjoy the alien bases! Happy Gaming. 🙂