Affable Games, the very new developer who launched their 1st game on App Store and Google Play this month named “Astro Crash“. Astro Crash is created with a brilliant concept as well as magnificent graphics. It’s wondrous to see how a new studio made an app store featured game where big game creators do not always get this success!

Astro Crash is a retro arcade game where your mission is to grow massive! Doesn’t matter how you look like – crazy or wired! In this game, you will control a spaceship in a retro galaxy.  You have to crash other ships which are your own size or smaller and collect their leftover junks to grow your own ship.

Thus, you have to increase your size that you can hit larger ships. But don’t crash any of ships which have Red Border. Otherwise, you will die. If you get out of the specific galaxy area, then you will get a hint that you are at risk. But, if you ignore that sign, you will die this time also. So, you have to play very carefully.

In this game, you can choose your character from several cool unlockable spaceships. All of them are very cute and interesting to look. During playing, you can collect lots of Golds. You can also play Gold Rush mode for unlimited Gold. Collect as much gold as you can. Also, you can spin Wheel for more Characters, lots of Golds or Lives by 100 Golds.

The control of the game is quite simple, just swipe to fly your spaceship. You can quickly master it. As the game is easy to play, you can play it with lots of fun. There are also some special features in this game to enjoy more. Such as the Galactic leaderboards. It’s exciting to see the own name on the leaderboard, isn’t it? On the other hand, you can share Gifs from your space adventure easily on social media! This is more exciting, right?

Visually, Astrocrash is a colourful 2D game with gorgeous space atmosphere of the 60s. Music is also compatible with the environment. Altogether, the game is very addictive. As it is very small in size (172.5 MB) and free to play with some optional in-app purchases, you can easily give a try. Download the game from the Store Icon below. Surely, you will enjoy Astro Crash. Happy Gaming. 🙂