If you’re a freak of archery in real life, play Archery king, and you’ll feel right at home here!

This multiplayer-focused archery game by Miniclip will test your skills of aiming and consumption. You only have to master all locations and unleash the hidden secrets to be the sharpest archer to get on the top of the leader boards.

Be a Sharp Archer in the Archery King

The Archery King will allow you to customize your gaming experience to the next level. All you have to mix and match various elements. You can also modify your bow and arrows into a more suitable and efficient archery sets. Additionally, you can create your distinct gaming experience with lots of different combinations.

Tips for Playing the Archery King Game

To start playing this game, you will have to sign in to your Google account, or you can go for the option to log in using your Facebook account. If you don’t like to enter any of the information above, you can just simply enter into the guest mode. When you are directed to the main game interface, you will see a picturesque field of archery with the impressive view of the mountain on a sunny day, and with the sounds of the chirping birds. Just tap, press and hold the labelled button, “Press here & tap hold” that spur on the game screen.

Moreover, the closer you arch to the target mark, the higher the points you will get. Afterwards, you try out the first part of the game; you will be directed to play in the real match game. The far outer side of the round tablet starts at 1 point and increments by one the nearest circle you hit in the round tablet. That is how you score big. Hence, make sure that you are getting the ring closer to the center. If you shot the yellow focal point, you hit the jackpot!!

Level Up Your Game

You can level up your game in the Archery King by completing all the levels and challenges successfully. For more excitement, there will be new challenges that you have to face every day. These challenges will also help you greatly in leveling up the game. You can also play the matching games to boost your chances for leveling up. With this game mode, you will be able to compete against the best archers of all times!!

The Archery King can do more than just one in one match!! You can play in a single game mode and put yourself to the test to look at how far you can go. Make sure that you have an internet connection to play online.

sc1024x768-1So get ready to experience all places and explore their keys. Be the finest archer and lead the rankings!!