Do you like Role Playing Games? If an RPG combines with Puzzles, then what will you gonna do? If you want to play something like this on your smartphone, then you must have a look what I write here for you!

This week, Appstore featured a mind twisting puzzler named The End: Forsaken Destiny. If you like some popular games like – Monument Valley, Poco Eco, or any Hitman Go series like – Lara Croft Go, Deus Ex Go, etc, then you are going to love this game too. NEXON M Inc. and Game Developing Studio Neople, the talented team who worked behind Dungeon Fighter, launched this brand new game on 1st March. It is a story-based 3d puzzler which is designed for Android and iOS platforms. The developers did a brilliant job with the game design as well as the game theme. The End: Forsaken Destiny starts with a unique storyline – “Once upon a time, somewhere in this world, the story of a father and a son trying to save their tribe unfolds…”

Though it is a puzzle game in the genre, it’s also a great adventure game that follows a mysterious journey of a father and a son in an ancient world where these two characters are separated by time but connected by destiny. In this maze solving game, the heroes are tasked with destroying evil spirits for their tribe by solving lots of challenging puzzles along the way. As much as you being progressed in the game, the secrets of this tale will be uncovered.

In this game, you have to play a duo role of father and son. Here you are controlling a cute little black creature who is all alone in an unusual world. Your mission is to navigate through the way dodging obstacles and destroying evil creatures as well as you have to solve lots of mazes to move on by pulling levers to make suitable paths, climbing ladders, using lift-type platforms, etc.

In After the End: Destiny Forsaken, there are 12 episodes. Each chapter comes with new challenges and difficulties. You have to gather Relics of the Past along your journey which is tough. But the more challenge arrives when you have to solve some Music Box Puzzles. You will be given 20 lives in every chapter, and you have to reach the next levels by solving the previous one. Though the game released with these 12 brilliantly designed chapters, the developers announced that more episodes would be included later this year! Obviously, it’s a great news for those game lovers who will willingly finish the full game!

After the End: Forsaken Destiny featured multi-touch controls. You have to use both hands to play this tactical RPG. The basic gameplay is simple. You have to swipe your finger on the left side of the screen to move your character and tap the right button to interact with objects. But each episode will introduce you to new gameplay mechanics like – you have to tap the right button repeatedly to run which revealed on the 2nd chapter. Though there are multiple controls, it’s not hard to capture. The User Interference and Level designed are so user-friendly that confusions never trouble you. The new controlling instruction will always pop up top left of the screen which is really awesome!

As the game is a dynamic 3D visual puzzler, it equipped with 360 degrees camera view. So that you can swipe your right thumb on the right side of the screen to change the view of the landscape that you can easily check out the movement of your character. YES! It’s amazingly true that this minimalist RPG has 360 degrees view. It’s difficult to explain the game feel of this graphically rich game that you can only experience by playing. It is really impressive to playing the game a 3D ancient environment which is designed with low poly graphics. The natural light view is also satisfying.

After the End: Forsaken Destiny is absolutely stylistic and beautiful puzzle game. Though the game is available on App Store and Google Play for $3.99, there is no in-app purchases or advertisements. As well as I can say, it will be worth your every penny because its stunning graphics and compulsive storyline will never disappoint you. So, don’t think a lot, download After the End: Forsaken Destiny by hitting the icons given below and enjoy a good time with this adventure puzzle game.