5 Things Indie developers might consider before releasing a Mobile Game.

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Making a game for Mobile is very challenging. For an Indie developer, it is much more difficult. Because from gameplay to game marketing strategy all of this has to do by himself/herself or by a small team. As a startup game development studio, we also faced a tough time to draw a marketing plan. One of the most critical questions came to our mind was, what things we should consider before launching a game to get a greater number of download? To find the answer, we went through an extensive research and read articles from world renowned app marketing agencies blogs.

The mobile game industry is like an ocean. All the big fishes like NES, EA Games, are gathering here. Day by day marketing is getting harder and harder for indie developers. So you have to stay sharp to get the best result. One of the major consideration in mobile game marketing is its launching date. Because without a good start, your game might loss greater visibility. You can consider following five factors before fixing a date to publish your game.


1. Act according to your marketing budget

Marketing Budget

Indie developer has a limited budget. For the best use of your budget, check out marketing cost in your desired platform throughout the year. Because demand and supply are not same all the year round. So it is better to target those periods when marketing cost is lower. Fetch (one of the best mobile app marketing agency) has an article about seasons when mobile media is cheaper.

Low cost month

From their research, we understand February and December are the most costly months. On the other hand, July, August, September and October are lesser costly months.


low week

In a month first and last weeks are less expensive.

app day

Moreover, In a week, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are comparatively less costly than Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, and Sunday. Yes, it is true, less expensive time will generate less revenue. However, user acquisition matters. Because making a game is not a one-time event.

2. Best Days in a week:

Best day

Chartboost ( A leading Ad Network) suggests, Monday through Wednesday is the best time to release a game. As iTune update its store on Thursdays. Probably that is why Wednesday is the most popular day to release a game among developers. This case is different if you are making a game for a specific festival or a specific event.

3. Keep a close eye on Big Fishes:

Big Fish

Mobile is the next big thing. Realizing this fact big game publishers are coming to Mobile Gaming Industry. No reason to worry, if you made a very good game or only a few big shots are publishing their game at the same date or week. What if their games genre matches yours or many of them release games in the same period! Some might differ, but there no harm in keeping updates of big publishers next release dates. There are many websites or facebook pages you can visit to get updates. IGN, Polygon, TouchArcade, Gamepressure can be good sources.

4. Know your user:

Know your user

You know the genre of your game. Find out more information about those users who plays the same type of game. Where do they live? What language do they use? How they like to share? What social media platform they use? Where do they visit to get more information about mobile games? What blog they read? Their age, sex and more. All these information will assist you in your marketing campaign.

5. Know your publisher:

Know your publisehr

If you are thinking of publishing with a Publisher, you should check some of the following information. How they are performing lately? Their average downloads and revenue. What type of games they usually release? You can easily get information like these from Apptopia, Appannie, SensorTower or any other Business Intelligence sites. Don’t hesitate to get information in advance what ad SDK they use and what payment methods they prefer.

Bonus Tips:

a) If a large group of your users speaks any specific language or lives in a specific country, then you can think of localization for good traction.

b) Don’t forget to keep yourself up to date with app stores policies. Because a little mistake might forbid you to release on the desired date. To avoid such hassle, start store’s approval process a bit earlier than you thought.


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