Getting featured on Apple store can bring prestige, recognition and most importantly organic downloads worth Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars.  An article by Mikael Chao demonstrates the importance of this:

Before the launch of iOS 6, Transit was averaging 200 downloads per day. On the launch of iOS 6, Apple featured Transit in the Navigation category driving over 18,000 downloads on that day alone:


That featured piece led to Transit being featured in What’s Hot and New & Noteworthy in over 15 countries which helped sustain growth after the Apple main feature.

But before going any further, it’s important to remember these two things:

  • According to Robleh Jama founder of Tiny Hearts : if you haven’t build a great, invest in great UI and your app is not unique, almost nothing can get you featured. Skip this post, and work on your app.
  • Getting featured is not the end-all or be-all for your app. Your marketing plan needs to go beyond just getting featured. I already wrote about 3 Other ways to increase your organic download.

Now the 3 tips:

Build Relationships:

App store editors check new submission to find feature worthy apps. In January 2016, 64567 apps were submitted in App store. And it has become a lot difficult to get noticed by an editor. So getting introduced to right folks at Apple may help. This can be done in two ways –


  • Try to go to WWDC (June) and Apple Special Hardware Updates (September). Try to showcase your app to relevant people.
  •  Find the developers in your category who are featured often. Most likely over the time they have build a strong relationship with App store editorial team. Try to collaborate with them. I shall discuss this topic in a later post.


Incorporate New features of Apple:

Apple wants to ship more of their new devices.  So they are keen to showcase apps that take advantage of new features. Pay very close attention to the app events and understand what apple is trying to promote. Try to Implement new hardware and software features in a way that also enhances the user experience. For example, after the launch of6S/6S+, Apple is promoting apps that take advantage of 3D Touch.


Always judge an app by its icon:

Apple notices good app icons. Although it’s a tiny detail, it matters a lot. The app icon is an indicator of potential quality.

If we see the list of Top Free iPhone Apps list, we can safely say most app icons

  1. Used bold Colours, drastic contrast – Colour Switch, Snapchat, iTunes U uses warm colours.
  2. Explained what the app does- Blocky Football, Racing in Car, Rolling Sky,
  3. Represented the app’s interface- Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Fit Girls.


Notice that Brands (Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, Youtube, Gmail, SoundCloud) have their logos splashed on a white background. However, for a new app, it’s not the best idea. Michael Flarup wrote a good post about this here.


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