If you are looking for a cool journey, then here is a good news for you! Developer Risinghigh Studio, the creator of many successful games, brought a lovely game on the app store named “• Glide”. Players who love good looking simple games, then this is perfect. It looks incredible!

“• Glide” is a simple one touch game but quite challenging. In this game, you are controlling A Young Glide. Your mission is to reach the portals at the end of each world. You have to tap anywhere on the screen when your Glide reaches the middle of the circles. If you tap in the perfect moment, you will get one Disc. Thus you can collect lots of Discs that will help you to unlock more Characters. The game has 18 different and colourful Glides to collect.

When you move forward in the game, you can see how many percents of the path you travelled. You have to go till you complete the 100% of each World to earn 3 Stars. There are 8 Beautiful Worlds to enjoy this wonderful game. Lotus, Canyon, Circuit, Aztec, Sienna, Arctic, Temple and Enchanted, all are unique and different. 1st 7 worlds are already available in the game, and the last one is going to add soon. All the worlds are multi-skill based that give you several feels.

Visually the game is perfect. It’s a very pleasant minimalistic game. Also, colourful and gorgeous with 2D visuality. The game also feels great with awesome Musics. There are 7 Original Piano Themed Music Soundtracks for the ultimate experience. All I can say, it’s a full package of a perfect game that makes you calm. The tutorial part helps you to be familiar with this marvellous game.

Gamers who love Buildbox games surely gonna love this game as it’s also made with Buildbox. Though • Glide is a pretty simple game to learn, it’s hard to master. You need lots of concentration to be successful in your mission. If you have the skill to become the Glide Master, then pick up your free-to-play copy by hitting the App Store Icon below and Glide on!